Simplybulk’s cradle liquid storage system


    The storage cradle was specifically designed to accept the most common bulk chemical containers. The “Cradle” storage system is able to grow to suit your needs.
    • Fill port with seal
    • Fully stabilizes a 3 unit high cradle system
    • Easy to fill


    Each piece of the cradle is designed to lock together. This provides endless expandability, as well as creating a stable base for your chemicals and tools.
    • Interlocking pieces
    • Tongue and groove tabs
    • Stable and secure


    Each cradle is equipped with a fill port. Adding water to the bottom cradle ensures that the other units stacked on top remain stable and worry free.
    • Fill port with seal
    • Fully stabilizes a 3 unit high cradle system
    • Easy to fill

    Front Tab

    The front tab extends from the cradle, preventing a pail from slipping forward during use.

    Flow Angle

    An angle has been build into the cradle to ensure the contents of the pail flows to the front.

    Drip Tray

    The drip tray slides underneath the bottom cradle and catches up to 12L of spillage. Clean up is quick & Easy.

    Storage Shelf

    The storage shelf accommodates all of the pouring containers and our refillable aerosol can. It not only keeps each piece organized, but it also locks the storage system together, acting as a cap.

    Side Holster

    The side holster acts as additional storage for your pouring containers and refillable aerosol cans. While the storage shelf locks the top of the system together, the holster locks it from the side, providing maximum stability.

    Corner Piece

    The corner piece attaches to the tongue and groove ends on the top corners. It ads a finished look to storage system, and locks the top row to the side holsters and the row bellow. This maximizes the stability of the entire unit.